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Scientific Research

Roadmap for the revitalization of scientific research in Iraq developed and agreed to as one of the major functions of universities is their contribution to research and national advancement, the project has focused heavily in 2011 on enhancing this research function, leading to the successful development of a National Roadmap for Science, Technology and Innovation. The process began  with the completion of a Situational Study on scientific research, during which  91 research institutions across Iraq were screened and assessed in order to understand the current state of affairs. Engagement was then obtained from four ministries involved in policy development (MoHESR, MoST, MoP, MoI) and the development of National Roadmap for Science, Technology and Innovation.This followed with a recommendation for the establishment of a Supreme  National Commission for Science, Technology and Innovation affiliated with the Prime Minister’s Council (PMC) submitted to the PMC for approval.     
Specific activities in this area included the following:
  1. Situational study and survey with 91 research institutions (2011/06)
  2. Evaluation of national of national research and development system in Iraq (2011/09)
  3. Drafting of Roadmap document
  4. Review of proposed Roadmap and agree on milestones and roadmap implementation plan for the period 2012-2014, Beirut (2011/12).
Revitalization of scientific research community for the knowledge economy through enhanced networking with international community:
  1. Analysis of the status of scientific research in Iraq.
  2. Development of a roadmap to restructure and dynamize scientific research, technology and innovation.
  3. Establishment  of  linkages  between  Iraqi  research  institutions  and  international community.
  4. Increased collaboration between research institutions and industry.
  5. Establishment of a UNESCO Chair to enhance scientific research in specific areas.

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