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Rehabilitation of Iraq’s Higher Education System

The Iraqi higher education system has sustained tremendous damage in the past three decades with significant loss in capacity to provide quality higher education in a reduction in services and a widening gap between the educational opportunities offered. In a concerted effort to overcome this challenge and to bridge this educational gap, UNESCO launched the Rehabilitation of the Iraqi Higher Education System project to transform the actuality of the system to be consistent with international standards and best-practice models. 

The project has four central objectives:

(1) build the Iraqi capacity through improvements in management, governance and leadership, leading to greater decentralization and autonomy for universities; (2) Establish a National Quality Assurance system that would help boost institutional performance; (3) Revitalize and enhance international networks between Iraqi universities and Iraqi scientists abroad to strengthen research and reduce knowledge gaps; and (4) develop e-learning with the establishment of Avicenna Virtual Campus and an internationally accredited e-learning centre.

A comprehensive endeavor that aims to induce a real leap in Iraq’s Higher Education System, the project is carried out in full partnership with the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and Higher Education Institutions (HEI).

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