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Review Meeting

FROM: Semia Ben Ali Saadaoui, Project Manager, UNESCO Iraq Office
SUBJECT: Resolutions of review meeting, Erbil, 16-21 June 2012

I am glad to seize this opportunity to remind the focal managers, Dr. Mehdi Eidan and Dr. Sherwan Ghafoor, as well as all the Colleges of Engineering’s participants of the final resolutions of our review meeting successfully realized in Erbil from 16 to 21st June 2012:

The 12 participating colleges of engineering that have been reviewed have to accomplish the following:
  1. Adjust their self-assessment report (SAR) as per the main comments and recommendations made by the team of reviewers, the adjusted SAR is to be submitted before September 15, 2012
  2. Produce their plans of performance improvement along with a clear schedule of improvements implementation to allow to the project management team to envisage site reviews accordingly. These plans of improvements should be submitted before September 30, 2012.

As focal managers, you are kindly appealed not to wait till the deadline to send us a notification of the completion of the task 1 and 2 and proceed to upload the SAR on the website (www.qahei.org). Please advise whenever you have any trouble in doing that.

The respect of these deadlines is of such an importance to us to complete the sequence of the pilot project by the end of 2012 as highlighted in the meeting. As a refresher, below is the diagram I presented in Erbil illustrating the 6 phases of our QA project. Presently, we accomplished the 3rd phase “External Review” (clockwise) and are striving to reach Phase 4 by September 30th, to be able to schedule site visits with expert teams during the months of October and November 2012. Any delay in the sequence will compromise the smooth progress of the sequence and we’ll risk to end the year 2012 without concrete progress and visible impact on the academic performance. I am indeed relying on your professionalism and diligence to reach this goal together and I remain at your disposal should you need any further support. 

I also want to share with you a rewarding scheme that we planned at the end of the pilot project. 

As planned since Doha meeting last year, we are willing to have a team of champions out of this pilot project and if all the colleges involved do their best, each respecting its own specificities and strengths, we’ll have 8 champions in the Centre and 4 champions in KRG. The champions (The Deanship of the College and probably the President of the University) will be rewarded a Special Award Certificate from UNESCO stating their successful application of QA process. They will be entitled as such to lead the same process in other colleges belonging to the same university or to similar colleges in neighboring Iraqi universities. Our hope is to be able to continue the QA project over 2013 and 2014 (inshallah) on supporting the multiplier-effect QA implementation to enlarge the spectrum of intervention and lead more outreach activities as QA culture campaigns and symposia, specific capacity building programs to empower QA officers and of course more substantially the edification (policies, strategies, etc..) of the Iraqi National QA and Accreditation agency or High commission.

I hope we will strive together for the accomplishment of this pilot project in the best conditions possible and remain confident you will do your best to meet the time frame and objectives agreed upon.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon and wishing you in advance “Ramadan Kareem”

With my very best regards

Semia Ben Ali Saadaoui
Project Manager

Posted on Tuesday, July 24, 2012 (Archive on Tuesday, July 31, 2012)
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