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Main UNESCO Achievements In Higher Education- 2011

Rehabilitation of the Iraqi Higher Education System Project

Introduction of quality assurance mechanisms into Iraqi higher education system

  • Quality Assurance needs assessment completed
  • Quality Assurance Pilot programme initiated in 12 Iraqi universities; 8 in central government  and 4 in KRG
  • Training of 21 Iraqi QA managers on the self-assessment techniques, processes and standards
  • Self-assessment process launched in the 12 universities and reports underway
  • A website and e-forum for Quality Assurance developed
  • MoU signed with the Network of Iraqi Scientists Abroad (NISA) to develop partnerships and collaborations with Iraqi expatriate scientists and to implement change smoothly in the system
Roadmap for the revitalization of scientific research in Iraq developed and agreed to
  • Situational Study on scientific research completed
  • 91 research institutions all over Iraq screened and assessed
  • A national roadmap for Science, Technology and Innovation developed
  • 4 Ministries addressed and involved in policy development (MoHESR, MoST, MoP, MoI)
  • Establishment of a Supreme National Commission for Science, Technology and innovation in Iraq affiliated to the Prime Minister’s Council recommended and submitted to PMC’s approval
Avicenna Virtual Campus in Iraq (AVCI) enhanced to provide improved distance learning options for Iraqi students
  • Agreement reached to extend the network of e-learning centers to 9 universities (Bagdad, Basra, Salahaddin, Kufa, Mousel, Al-Anbar, Wassit, Muthanna and Sulaymaniyah)
  • 5 e-learning centers under development (Bagdad, Basra, Salahaddin, Kufa and Al-Anbar)
  • 105 trainers trained at UNESCO Avicenna Centers
  • Iraq Avicenna Virtual Campus Portal and Virtual Library launched
  • 45 online modules produced in 3 e-learning centers (Bagdad, Basra and Salahaddin)
  • 180 teachers/tutors trained inside Iraq through a multiplier-effect training programme
  • Scientific Board for the evaluation of developed courses formed
  • 40 seminars organized in newly-developed AVCI inside Iraq (Bagdad, Salahaddin and Basra)
Capacity of the MoHESR and universities in management and quality teaching and research methodologies through fellowships reinforced
  • Review of the Higher Education System's Structure, Policies and Management Processes based on Iraqi Public Sector Modernization Programme (I-PSM) data gathered and compiled
  • Fellowships granted to 7 Iraqi faculty members in priority areas;  Medicine, Physics, Electro-Mechanical Engineering, International Law, Education and Gender Awareness
  • Organization of Fellowship program to improve teaching and scientific research capabilities targeting 14 Iraqi university professors completed, fellowships to start in January 2012 (Lulea University of Technology-Sweden)

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